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This Year Carnival Sunday has a new destination this year. It’s been 3 years in the making. Get ready to put on your pretty mas costumes, grab the crew, bask in the sun and drink up yuh rum . .because whole day we fetin‼️

Important information about Wonderland

  • Is there a limit in what I can bring in?
    Your cooler must not bigger than 24L. All liquids need to be in a clear plastic bottle and you will be required to ingest some of it at the entry gate. One Cooler per person.
  • Do I need a costume to enter?
    No you do not however it is strongly advised as this is a Celebration of Caribbean Unity.
  • Can I use my Dreamland Tickets to Enter?
    No, to enter Wonderland you will have to purchase a Wonderland Ticket. Coach and Car parking Tickets must be purchased separately.