Terms and Conditions

GDPR Compliance/Data Processing Agreement:

  • Dreamland Jouvert does not store or process any Payment Information you may enter.
  • Your Personal Data is stored on our server and can only be accessed by you via the My Account of the website and by site admin.
  • Your Password is not accessible by site admin.
  • Dreamland Jouvert shall ensure that access to the Personal Data is restricted to only the employees to whom it is necessary and relevant to process the Personal Data.
  • Your Personal Data will be used to confirm and enable access your account.
  • Your Personal Data might be used to frequently inform you of different events and updates to current events.
  • Our Mailing List operates on an Opt-Out Policy.

Event Policies:


  • All Attendees must be 18 years and over & bring valid photo ID, to gain entry.
  • All Attendees will be subject to a full security search of both person and bags.
  • 0 tolerance policy on drugs, weapons and aggressive behaviour. Attendees caught using foul, obscene, abusive, racist language and/or gestures towards any member of staff at Dreamland, abusing drugs (including legal highs, balloons etc) be ejected from the event without a refund.
  • Photography/ Videography will be in use and consent is given to use for future marketing purposes
  • You are aware you will get dirty at this event.
  • No re-entry – bring all necessities with you.
  • Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged for a later event.
  • Event date, times and location are subject to licence and change
  • This is a rain or shine event (no refunds based on weather conditions)
  • A responsible drinking policy will be in place.
  • No refunds can be issued other than for event cancellation
  • All Attendees will be subject to a full search of both person and bags.


  • No blades, knives or any other type of weapon are allowed on site, and will be confiscated at the festival entrance.
  • All glass bottles or other glass items will be confiscated at the festival entrance.
  • No liquid not provided by Dreamland Jouvert is permitted on site. This will be confiscated at the festival entrance.


To ensure the safety of our festival goers, we will enforce a CHALLENGE 25 POLICY. You maybe asked for ID checks on entry and at the bar. There will be signage on the day showing this.

Coach Rules:

  • No Abuse to Coach Staff, Dreamland Jouvert Reps and other Passengers. This will lead to a swift Departure from the Coach. You will not be eligible for a Refund.
  • Please be on time. Check in for Each Coach will be at 10:30am. If you miss the coach, you will not be eligible for a Refund.
  • Upon returning to the Coach, please ensure you are clean. This means walk with a change of clothes which can be store in our cloakroom area for a small fee. Excessive Paint/Powder clothing will not be allowed back on the coach.

Rules Dreamland Jouvert All-Inclusive VIP Section:

  • Drinks will only be served in your issued Dreamland VIP Cup. You will also need to have your  VIP wristband on as well. You will be charged a £30 replacement fee if you lose your cup. Lanyards will be provided for security.
  • Any abuse towards Dreamland Staff will not be tolerated. You will be evicted immediately from the Event. You will not receive a refund.
  • The Bar may close periodically through out the day for restocking purposes.
  • VIP Drinks can only be consumed by VIP Ticket holders, if anyone is caught passing drinks to non VIP members your cup will be confiscated and no refunds will be given.
  • We have a duty of care to monitor all patrons alcohol consumption, if you appear too intoxicated we will not serve you for your own health and safety.

Refund Policy:

All Ticket Sales for this event are final unless the event has been cancelled. If this is the case, funds could be refunded to you without booking fees. It is your responsibility to adhere to the terms and regulations of the event.